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As a front end dev, I wanted to increase my skillset over to the back-end, and I saw NodeJS as the perfect fit. I took Wes Bos’ Course on NodeJS and decided to create a side project to further cement the knowledge I’d learned into my skillset. The resulting project is a collaborative workspace for folks looking to whiteboard and brainstorm ideas together in a real-time online workspace. I created it using ExpressJS for routing and middleware, MongoDB for a database, for real-time web socket functionality, Pug for server-side templating, Heroku for hosting, aaaand vanilla JS on the front end (for times sake!).

Being my first full-stack app, this has been easily one of the funnest things I’ve done this year, and while it’s only a first-stage MVP, I’m pretty proud of it.

Next steps are to focus on the front end, implementing a JS framework for further maintainability, and collaborating with a UX Designer to find out how to push this project to the next level.

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